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embrace your

This collection invites all women to feel comfortable in their skin, have the freedom to see the beauty of their bodies, and feel beautiful without fear of judgment!

I challenge you to embrace your uniqueness. 

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Sustainable Swimwear

for people that care

Brazilian Coast Beachwear was created to be an expression of myself, and as I gradually expand my consciousness and the way I perceive the world, this brand will follow the same changes.

Sustainability has always been our fuel for innovation, and we work hard to grow consciously and in harmony with Mother Earth.

Anne Allen Brazilian Coast Beachwear Biodegradable Sustainable Brazilian Swimsuits
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Conscious Production

We have no inventory. All of our sustainabele swimwear is handmade to order. This way there is no waste or overproduction.

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Earth-Friendly Materials

We use biodegradable fabrics, natural rubber elastic, and recycled polyester threads to build our swimsuits.

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Our swimsuits have biodegradable hygiene liners. We use reusable cotton drawstring bags to store our pieces and ship them in biodegradable mailers.

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Are you ready to make a splash for a cleaner planet?

By choosing biodegradable swimsuits, you're not only making a statement with your fashion choices but also taking a stand against microplastic pollution in our oceans and waterways

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 Sustainable Swimwear is a win-win gift.

Word of Mouth

"This swimsuit is so beautiful!!! The print is fantastic and the suit itself feels super soft. It's very well made and the fit is perfect! Definitely a great quality swimsuit! Very happy with this purchase!"


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