The bottom line is us. Whether we mean to litter or not, there's always a chance the plastic we throw away could make it into the sea, and from there who knows? Big changes start with small steps, and we all have the power to make a difference. That’s why we decided to make the needed changes to become sustainable and start cutting plastic from our packing.

We are proud to announce the improvements we have made to become an environmentally conscious fashion brand.


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We use a polymer of nylon 6.6 which has been enhanced to allow clothing made from it quickly decompose after disposal in landfills. The decomposition before it took decades to occur in nylon, polyamide generic name, now is already fully decomposed in less than three years. The permanent anti odor technology, inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and is in the yarn, so it does not come out in the washes. Small daily attitudes such as the maintenance of clothes (washing and ironing) are also common actions that emit this CO2 gas into the atmosphere. This technology provides odor control and can be washed much less, using less water and energy, thus contributing to our planet. With a smooth visual and gently elasticized structure, this article uses microfiber nylon whose filaments can be thinner than an human hair, adding to the product a touch of extreme softness, plus a flexible and nice fit to the body. This softness provides smooth skin contact and exceptional comfort during use associated with good absorption of natural moisture from the body due to nylon feature. The fabric has UV protection 50+ against ultraviolet radiation and is free of toxic chemicals to human skin according international standard Oeko-Tex 100 Class I. With technical support and partnership of the Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo – SABESP, we make sustainable use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printing, thus allowing the use of reusable water and avoiding the consumption of drinking water.


Easy to use, easy to carry around. Our cotton bags are handy, reusable, and a better choice than plastic bags that are used once and thrown away. You can use your bag to store toiletries, accessories, skincare products, etc.

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Seeing the impacts plastic pollution has on our environment is one of the reasons why eliminating plastic from our supply chain has been our priority.

Our mailers protect your swimwear throughout the shipping process. Instead of creating new waste, these bags are compostable made using plant-based materials such as corn and potato starch, which can be completely degraded in a natural environment within 12-24 months, and in a humid environment within 6-8 months. Degraded into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter under certain natural environment