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Brazilian Coast Beachwear goes beyond swimwear, it highlights the beauties of nature while being environmentally conscious and helping women feel good in their own skin.

We give back to Mother Earth by choosing biodegradable, compostable, and reusable packaging over plastic, and slowly introducing eco-friendly fabrics to manufacture our designs.

We work hard on giving purpose to your purchase by supporting a brand that is constantly finding new ways to positively impact the world and people, socially and economically. What’s more empowering than this!


Brazilian Coast Beachwear was created to be an expression of myself, and as I gradually expand my consciousness and the way I perceive the world, this brand will follow the same changes.

Sustainability has always been our fuel for innovation, and we work hard to grow consciously and in harmony with Mother Earth. I spent the whole last year learning even more about fashion design with one goal in mind: To be able to sew my own designs so I can put all my heart and soul into every single piece of swimwear with a BCB tag.


To bring together the nature beauty with the world of beachwear. Producing high-quality, environmentally responsible garments for all women and their unique body shapes.


To be a reference in the sustainable beachwear market. Offering products with impeccable finishing, and customer service. We want to create a unique and unforgettable shopping experience.


We're truly inspired by the natural beauty surrounding Brazil with the lush vegetation, tropical colors, and the country's energetic vibe.

Meet the Founder


I grew up watching my grandmother sewing for clothing brands in Brazil. I remember spending hours and days at a time just observing her work, marveling that she could turn these pieces of fabric into clothes that then became part of someone else's life - it seemed so magical to me!
As I grew up, the one thing that always made me feel happy was fashion design. But as time went on I pursued a career in engineering to allow for financial independence. After getting married and moving to the US I started thinking about what makes me happy. So, I decided to start selling other brands before designing and manufacturing my own line of bikinis. It was essential I stayed true to my brand using economically sourced materials at affordable prices; all while still looking chic and stylish.
I am so proud and excited to introduce Brazilian Coast Beachwear to the US market!
It unifies the beauties of nature and the swimwear world while being environmentally conscious and helping women feel good in their own skin. It’s an expression of where I currently am in my life.


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